Out to the community to learn from local farmers and Elders….

For the second semester Synergy Projects, this week was the start of getting our students out into the community.

Robin and I have had the amazing experience of taking students out to local farms and the greater school community to have our students engage in acquiring knowledge, via an interview process. Prior to this, our students had to reach out to the community members to arrange a time to meet, as well, walk them through an interview contract (written or oral).  This allowed students to model interview etiquette and understand the importance of consent for taking pictures and video of people and private property as well as respectfully sharing knowledge acquired from First Nations Elders.

The photos below show our visit to a local farm, Bees Please.  We are so fortunate to have community members that welcome our students and take the time to share their knowledge. Robin and I both feel that the aspect of community involvement was a powerful learning tool for all involved.  It allowed our Foods students to become more connected to their local community and create awareness of the numerous farms and business in our backyard.

From RBSS to Nepal….

Dal Little, our community liaison between RBSS and Another Brick in Nepal, met with Nick Harriot, a RBSS student who compiled the films from our first semester project, and uploaded it to take it to Nepal.   Dal will be adding Nepali subtitles to the film and sharing it with the students at the Sharada Secondary School in Nepal. In the coming months Dal will be working with Nepalese students to create a film around food sustainability in their local region.  When Dal returns in June, he will be bringing their film back to share with students at RBSS.

Safe travels, Dal!

Here is what we sent:

RBSS Partners with Another Brick in Nepal

We have partnered with a community member, Dal Little, who is an active member of the organization, Another Brick in Nepal.  A student will be taking segments from this semester’s films to make a compilation of issues surrounding local food.  Dal will be taking this film to share with students in Nepal.  Nepali students in turn will be working on a film that Dal will bring back to RBSS and share with our students and community members at our year end Film Fest.

Nepal School Project